Landscaping Services


BER Homes Atlanta offers a wide range of lawn care and landscaping services that cater to your home.

Yard Mowing

Having your lawn mowed on a monthly basis aids in maintaining its curb appeal.

Gutter Cleaning

What happens if you never clean your gutters?

The purpose of a gutter is to carry water away from a building to a good drainage area. If gutters are not cleaned, material will build up in the gutter channel and water will overflow onto the building and foundation. Clean gutters by scooping out debris and then rinsing the gutter with a hose.

Yard & Porch Blowing

Once we have completely mowed and trim your yard we are going to blow the excess grass and dirt from your house and place it in our own personal garbage bin.



Sod Installation

Planting sod without professional assistance can be an expensive endeavor. We would hate for you to do all of that work and have one small mistake derail your entire project.

Our sod installation team will make sure your project is done correctly. We only have one team, so when we arrive to handle your turf installation project, you can be sure that your project has our complete and total attention.

Yard Edging

The best yard in the neighborhood isn’t the one that just has it’s yard cut, but one that has been trimmed properly. Post mowing your yard, we will edge your lawn.


We design to meet your needs and wants of your property. Whether it be planting flower, stone installs, etc, WMLC cultivates the design alongside you. 

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